Buying a second home on Florida’s Gulf Coast

October 26, 2011

Buying a second home involves investing in a property that you might be using only part of the year.  It can be used for vacations and family holidays or can be leased out until you are ready to retire there or even as a long term investment.

If you want to use your second home for a vacation home, you would want to find a place with lots of amusements and activities that you would not normally undertake during the rest of the year and you will want to find a place that has activities that you want to come back to for many years to come.   Buying a second home for vacation purposes has many advantages.  It can save you money in the long run and create priceless memories for many years to come.  Instead of the lack of assurances and expense of staying in hotels, you have the luxury of living at your home away from home that you have customized to your own taste.  You can have an extra set of the things you need and would not even have to pack much luggage.  It also makes a great place for family and friends to join you for special occasions like a long weekend surrounding a birthday or anniversary.  You might even wish to rent out your second home during the time you are not using it to others looking for that dream vacation, to help recoup some of the expenses.  The choices and situations are numerous.

Purchasing a second home is also a good way to secure the type of retirement lifestyle you always dreamed of.  You purchase the home and location that you wish to retire to and then lease out the property to cover the expenses until you are ready to retire.  In fact, sitting right on the Gulf Coast of Florida is Sarasota, that was recently named “Best Place to Retire” in the country.  It has gated country club communities surrounding world class golf courses, luxury ocean view condos, single family homes in cozy neighborhoods, and everything in between.  Sarasota has all the amenities of a big city with the feel of small town living.  Also, depending on your current age you could have your retirement home completely paid for when you are ready to retire.

With the current downturn in housing prices; the abundant  inventory of  houses, condos, villas and town homes; and the all-time low mortgage rates, this is a great time to benefit from the opportunities found on the Gulf Coast and purchase a second home.  But whether you are looking for memorable vacations or an ideal retirement, the Gulf Coast of Florida has everything you might want in a second home.  There is the gorgeous sunny weather, fabulous beaches, boating and water sports; art museums, artists colonies and cultural events; exclusive shopping; fine dining and great night life entertainment; world renown golf courses and first rate amusements; all this and just a short day trip to world class entertainment like Disney World, Busch Gardens, Sea World and so much more.  So whether you are looking for the perfect place to take your yearly vacations and family holidays or the ideal place to spend your golden years, just look to the Gulf Coast of Florida for your dream second home.