Sarasota- A Fisherman’s Dream

October 24, 2011

If you are a fan of fishing from a boat, land or pier in the salt water or fresh water, Sarasota and its surrounding areas and islands has exactly what you need to satisfy your every need.  No matter what kind of fisherman you are, a serious angler, a sports fisherman or just like to throw in the line and see what happens this is the place for you.  The Sarasota area is packed with great fishing and a variety of  local marinas that offer sailing, boating and fishing facilities.  There are charter boats that will take you out for deep water fishing of the bigger fish or personal boat rentals to take out the family for some casual fishing and a day in the sea and sun.  There are also loads of homes with deep water docking.

If you are in the mood for saltwater fishing where you don’t need a boat, look no further than one of the seawalls or one of the piers in the Sarasota area.  On John Ringling Causeway at the east end, is the Tony Saprito Pier.  There is great fishing not only from the pier but from the seawall as well.  There is even a bait and tackle shop on the pier.  Another popular spot is the peaceful park atmosphere of Island Park in downtown bay front, where there is good fishing along the seawall, or even fishing off the Siesta Bridge on Siesta Drive.   Then there is the freshwater fishing.  Freshwater fishing can be done from a boat or a shore, a dock or a bridge, in one of Sarasota’s large variety of rivers, streams, lakes and ponds.

Whether you live here year round or just visiting your vacation home, the possibilities are limitless with Sarasota Bay, the Intercoastal Waterway, the Gulf of Mexico and Little Sarasota Bay, along with numerous tributaries and lakes in the immediate area, at your fishing convenience.