Venice Florida Real Estate Investment

October 26, 2011

To put it quite simply, this is truly a perfect time to buy property. For instance, property in Venice, Florida has been cut to the absolute lowest.

The resulting down turn in property sales has driven the prices down even more. They will balance themselves out to normal in the near future; making this a great opportunity and the selection in Venice is limitless.

This is the time to buy. The powerful market for buyers makes southwest Florida the perfect place. With many baby boomers coming up on retirement, many are discovering Florida’s great amenities like the beautiful climate, golf, fishing and the fabulous beaches.

As you enter the downtown Venice area, it feels like going back in time to an older America, when there was a thriving Main Street in the center of quiet, cozy neighborhoods. That is not accidental; Venice was built to create a traditional small town atmosphere, particularly for retirees.  Almost everything is within walking for biking distance, shopping, doctors, activities, and entertainment, whatever you want.  Retirees are drawn to Venice’s cozy design, which is a variety of housing that is nearby to services and shops, undeveloped beaches, friendly neighborhood parks, all easily and safely lined with sidewalks.

Right now, buyers are looking for condos that are maintenance free and properties that cater to their choice of lifestyle. They are looking everything needed to make the most of their leisure time to the fullest, like tennis courts, pools, gyms and workout facilities on the premises. Most buyers want it all, an easy to take care of home, maybe in a golf community, with pool and fitness thrown in.

A buyer must take into consideration that right now is the right time to buy, with interest rates at an all-time low. To be sure a few years from now you will hear someone think aloud “I wish I had bought my home when interest was down and property prices were low”.

You have many various housing types to choose from, maintenance free homes, townhouses, condos, villas, single family homes and mobile homes, all with a wide range of types to choose from. You can choose from a wide variety of locations, from a beach house or golf community to a short bike ride or walk to downtown Venice, with its cozy shops and dining.

One of the many things that are so incredible about Venice is the incredible lifestyle options you have to choose from. You can live the lifestyle of your choice with the many home and community options that are available to you. If you want to live in a tennis club, there are many condo options available to you. You may want to plan for your future in one of the amazing retirement communities, they provide services you might need in your future and daily activities to help you enjoy your retirement. Right now for the first time, there is almost any type of lifestyle choice available to fit any budget. With those options, together with pristine beaches and awesome sunny climate, what else could you dream of.

We all wish had taken advantage of that last great opportunity that got away. Well the smart people did, they ran with it. Don’t let it be you lamenting you could have or should have. So the bottom line is this, purchase property in Venice, Florida now, or regret it later.

This is a life changing opportunity and those things don’t last forever. Right now there are baby boomers that are retiring or just about to and will be deciding to spend their retirement in Florida and claiming all the better deals. When demand catches up with supply the really great deals will be gone. Give year round Florida living a try, I think you just might love it.