White Sand Beach Homes

October 24, 2011

Sarasota, Florida and its surrounding communities, along with its barrier islands possess some of the whitest, softest sand beaches in the world.   However, not all beaches are the same.  There are six barrier islands lining the extensive coastline of Sarasota, each one with its own characteristics, natural beauty and recreational options.  But not to worry, you won’t have to pick just one.

In 2011, Dr. Beach named Siesta Key’s beaches number one in the world.  They are the beach standard  for which all beaches are compared.  On the western coast of Siesta Key there are miles of fine white sand, running along the shimmering water of the Gulf of Mexico.  On Siesta Key’s southern side there is the coarser sand of Turtle Beach that is fertile ground for the avid shell collector and Crescent Beach is in the middle with its more laid back setting.

Lido Key’s beaches have a diverse variety.  On the north end are unspoiled beaches backed by nature trails from the water into a peaceful pine forest.  The south end has a popular public beach that is quite similar to Siesta Key, with plenty of recreational activities and white sand.  Caspersen Beach in Venice, is easily Sarasota’s largest and has rolling sand dunes as far as you can see.  Also Venice Beach is home to Brohard Paw Park where dogs can romp in the ocean surf and dig in the sand.  Casey Key’s public beaches have the feel of old Florida, without the crowds or development.  In southern Sarasota, Englewood Beach and Manasota Beach are almost never crowded, but Stump Pass Beach and Blind Pass Beach are so unknown that you can imagine you are ship wrecked on a deserted isle.  Sarasota area has such a variety of property that even if you are not directly in a beach front home, you are just a “stone’s throw” from one of the fabulous beaches.

Water, sun and sand are things that Sarasota’s beaches have plenty of, so whatever your ideal beach is, Sarasota’s beaches have everything to satisfy the most discerning beachcomber.